Are You in Control of Your Energy?

Or is this your life?

You’re the boss. You spend your energy every week managing:

  • daily pressures
  • long hours
  • deadlines
  • time constraints
  • travel
  • dining out
  • and personal responsibilities

You thrive on your adrenaline and hard work. But you have one giant problem in your life and it’s really frustrating.

You are tired all the time. By the end of the day you are downright dragging and it’s getting worse.

Somehow you lost control of your energy and you want it back. You need it back. 

you're smart, frustrated and looking for a solution

you're ready to TakeCONTROL and Be an Energy Boss

You'll Kick

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Low stamina
  • Aches and pains
  • Mental fog
  • Tension
  • Weight gain 

You'll Feel

  • In control
  • Energized
  • Strong
  • Focused
  • Balanced
  • Fit

Here's how

Enroll in TakeCONTROL4

Enroll in TakeCONTROL4

TakeCONTROL4 is the flagship Energy Boss training program. It’s a step-by-step, personalized and scientific training program for unlocking and taking control of the 4 primary energy drivers in the body. That’s where we get the 4.


  • proprietary
  • an advanced energy management system
  • designed to support the energy demands of a boss lifestyle

Because managing energy, not time, is what drives ultimate boss performance. 

Energy Bosses TakeCONTROL of 4 Energy Drivers

1. Mindset

2. Fuel

3. Move

4. Reset

TakeCONTROL4 integrates the latest advancements in the sciences of:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Functional Medicine
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Mind Body Medicine

to help bosses TakeCONTROL, optimize and sustain energy for top daily performance.

What to Expect

You will receive personalized training from our Energy Boss team on how to optimally:

  • unlock
  • access
  • deploy
  • and support 

the 4 primary energy drivers in the body. These drivers are scientifically proven to: 

  • sustain energy
  • maximize performance
  • and promote long-term wellbeing

Our Energy Boss team has nearly 50 years of experience in:

  • performance mindset
  • behavior change
  • functional nutrition
  • supplementation
  • exercise physiology
  • mind-body relaxation

With decades of wellness and business experience, we have designed a practical, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to energy management that fits the boss lifestyle.

Our goal is to empower you with meaningful knowledge and practical skills to live:

  • physically energized
  • mentally focused
  • emotionally engaged
  • and solidly in control for the next big thing

Basically, we help you be more boss. 

What not to expect

  • You will not wait countless hours in an office to meet with our Energy Boss team
  • You will not wade through several emails from us every week
  • You will not be expected to follow impractical diet, exercise and lifestyle advice
  • You will not receive useless and confusing scientific information that wastes your time

We hope you’re not disappointed.

Instead, how about this?

You will use a private web and mobile app platform to experience a highly personalized and virtual program.
The program will be delivered sequentially and step by step over six months for optimal results. 

You will:

  • connect with our Energy Boss team
  • enroll in your program
  • complete on boarding
  • and receive training and support all online and according to your schedule

While we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in-person, most bosses appreciate this energy and time savings. We literally meet you wherever you are which is all over the country.

We do like sharing high fives and boss mojo though. So we host Energy Boss weekend retreats from time to time. 

So here's what you'll focus on as an Energy Boss

So here's what you'll focus on as an Energy Boss

Unlocking and controlling
4 Energy drivers

  • Mindset
  • Fuel
  • Move
  • Reset

to win in all areas of life

  • Daily performance
  • Stress management
  • Athletic performance
  • Maximum achievement
  • Longevity with no limits

you'll do this by following four integrated modules step by step

1. Mindset Module:

Learn to apply the latest advancements in the fields of Positive Psychology and Functional Medicine to lock into winning mindset.

Coaching and strategies on how to:

  • lock into performance mindset
  • combat mindset obstacles
  • deploy character strengths
  • map out, implement and measure 360 wellness vision and plan

2. Fuel Module:

Follow a nutrition and eating plan based upon the Core Food Plan designed by The Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM). Completely tailored to your body, life and preferences.

Coaching and strategies on how to:

  • change eating habits
  • eat to optimize energy and health
  • eat before and after workouts
  • eat while dining out and traveling

Exclusively offered by FMCA and IFM professionals and pioneered at world-class medical facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic.

3. Move Module:

Receive personalized movement and fitness training based upon world-renowned Charles Poliquin functional movement systems. Follow personalized programs based upon your goals, fitness level and travel schedules.

Coaching and strategies on how to:

  • mitigate injury
  • restore optimal movement patterns
  • alter body composition
  • build flexibility and strength
  • optimize daily and athletic performance
  • measure results

4. Reset Module:

Learn to apply the Mind Body Medicine technique of optimal breathing to support your body and life. Based upon The Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) model. Engage in optimal breathing to keep your body fully oxygenated and balanced.

Coaching and strategies on how to:

  • use optimal breathing mechanics for resetting
  • breathe to boost and sustain energy for performance
  • breathe to manage situational stress
  • breathe to achieve peak mental focus
  • breathe to improve digestion and sleep

How TakeCONTROL4 is offered

How TakeCONTROL4 is offered

We will soon be enrolling TakeCONTROL4 classes starting on the following dates:

September 16, 2019

October 14, 2019

TakeCONTROL4 is a six-month program delivered completely online, sequentially, and step by step via our private web and app platform. It covers all 4 primary energy drivers (Mindset, Fuel, Move and Reset) and is led by our Energy Boss leadership team. 

Due to the highly personalized program, space is limited and classes sell-out regularly. 


Nationally Recognized Entrepreneur | Late 50's | Married, Father of 2 Teenagers | Travels Extensively

“I knew I needed to take better care of myself, manage stress, eat healthier and find a way to exercise. But I have zero time to spare. I run a company, travel regularly and have two teenage sons. So I just kept putting it off thinking I’d never find anything that would practically work for me.”

I only enrolled in Energy Boss after I realized that the program was designed by two executives who understand the daily demands on my time and body. What’s great is that the program is both comprehensive and virtual. So I received the personalized programming and coaching that I needed to addresses my entire health – how to eat, manage stress, workout at the gym and even sleep better all delivered to my phone or laptop. This saved me valuable time. I didn’t have to run around town for weekly appointments or interrupt my progress while traveling.

An extra bonus was no guesswork. I avoided the frustrating trial and error cycle which saved me even more time and money. My coaches designed my programming around my specific goals. Everything I did was directly related to hitting my goals. Just by changing some small daily habits, I’ve seen some big returns. Bigger than expected. I’ve lost weight and feel stronger in the gym which I like. But what really hooked me and surprised me was how energetic and focused I felt throughout the day. I didn’t think it was possible under my daily pressures to feel as good as I do now. I get more done during the week and have the stamina to fully enjoy weekend activities with my boys. Basically, life is more fun because I feel good. Ironically, it’s like I added time to my schedule, which is exactly what held me back all those years from taking care of myself in the first place.

Top Sales Executive | Fortune 500 Company | Early 60's | Married, Father and Grandfather | Travels Extensively

I got sticker shock when I saw the price of the Energy Boss program, it’s expensive. There are so many cheaper programs out there online. I wondered is it really better to justify the higher price. Would it be worth it?”

I was skeptical. I’d already spent a lot of money on diet and exercise programs that promised a lot and didn’t work. Most programs were hard to follow and impossible to sustain. I’d lose ten or fifteen pounds only to gain it back again. Fitting into my smaller pants was not enough to justify a health nut lifestyle of exercising all the time, eliminating my favorite foods or never drinking again. A healthy lifestyle always seemed so extreme and out of reach for me, especially with my weekly travel schedule and frequent dining out.

But my health had been getting worse. My doctor and wife kept nagging me to do something about my cardiac risk factors especially as I got older. And I didn’t like being on so many medications. The medications seemed to slow me down. I thought maybe I could get off some and avoid others? So I kept looking for a possible answer.

When I found Energy Boss, what finally convinced me to invest was the personal health coaching that’s central to the program. I was familiar with the benefits of coaching because my company provides all top level managers access to an executive coach. My executive coach has become instrumental in helping me become much more productive and time efficient at the office. And while the company pays her a large amount, her executive coaching pays for itself many times over, and that’s what I have found with Energy Boss – it’s like having a team of executive health coaches dedicated to my wellbeing and longevity and it’s working. More on that later.

Besides the coaching, the advanced science and experience behind the Energy Boss program have made the investment worthwhile. The last thing I wanted was a trendy program touting gimmicky science taught by people who didn’t get my age or life. I’m an intelligent man and I think of myself as a life long learner. Rarely am I not reading several books or listening to a podcast. I wanted a program that improved my health but also taught me something of meaning. I was tired of reading and listening to confusing and contradictory health information. Where was the good quality science?.. no angles.. just real science.

Well, I found my answers in the Energy Boss program portal. It’s still my favorite go-to on long flights or lazy Sundays. The program portal is online and mobile and contains all the program topics, presentations, videos and webinars in one place. It’s awesome and worth a lot if you like to learn. I trust the content because it’s backed by the same science being used at world-class facilities like the Cleveland Clinic with references throughout. It’s taught by the Energy Boss coaching team which makes it entertaining and personal. I find myself going back to what I’ve learned and reviewing it and I can pop in and ask a question any time. I’m finally getting real answers to my health questions.

I always feel like I’m taking a leap of faith when I invest a lot of money in anything. And in many ways I am. But eventually I came around to the conclusion that if I could learn to eat better, exercise and manage stress while working 60 to 80 hours per week, that would be like gold, so I made the investment.

Now back to my coaches. The team has not let me down. I’m getting healthier and I know what to do. I saw my doctor and she took me off two medications and we will reevaluate others in six months. I feel better, have more energy, get more done and ironically, have less stress. I’m happier, my wife is happier and I feel more present with my kids and grandkids when they are in town. So I’d say Energy Boss is worth the investment.




Integrated Program Modules
(Delivered sequentially over 6 months)
Regular Premium

1. Mindset Module
Lock into your performance mindset and execute your 360 degree wellness plan using Positive Psychology and Functional Medicine tools. 

( instructional pdfs and videos, live and recorded webinars, unlimited text with coaches, and coaching office hours)

2. Fuel Module
Optimize your energy, performance and longevity by following a personalized nutrition and eating plan based upon exclusive Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) framework.

(instructional pdf’s and videos, live and recorded webinars, unlimited text with coaches, and coaching office hours)

3. Move Module

Hit your physical performance goals, mitigate injury and improve your body composition following a personalized training program that fits your body and travel schedule. Based upon Charles Poliquin functional training system.

(instructional pdf’s and videos, training workouts, live and recorded webinars, unlimited text with coaches, and coaching office hours)

4. Reset Module

Boost your energy, manage your stress, and improve your mental focus, digestion and sleep by re-setting with the mind body medicine technique of optimal breathing. Based upon Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) model. 

(instructional pdf’s and videos, live and recorded webinars, unlimited text with coaches, and coaching office hours)


TakeCONTROL4 Daily Supplement Pak –
6 Month Supply

Thorne world-class supplement regimen, curated exclusively for the TakeCONTROL4 program.

(Delivered to your home for 6 months)
(valued at $800)

TakeCONTROL4 Travel Pak

Take care of your body when you travel: includes Acumobility Trigger Point Ball, Brazyne Morph Portable + Collapsable Foam Roller designed by NFL player, and Energy Boss Instructional Travel Guide.

(Delivered to your home. Items fit easily into your carry-on bag.)
(valued at $200)


BOSS Guarantee

BOSS Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Energy Boss purchase, we will refund 100% of your money.
No questions asked.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Energy Boss purchase, we will refund 100% of your money.
No questions asked.


Do you have questions? Or want to connect one-on-one with an Energy Boss? Let’s talk boss to boss then. Request your private webinar today.