Nail It

Coming Soon: Nail It

Coming Soon:

Nail It

If you’re an Energy Boss, you already have the next end game in sight. If it’s an advanced performance goal, you know you will need expert support to get you there. That’s where Nail It comes in.

Nail It will take Energy Bosses to the next level by building upon the foundational TakeCONTROL4 program. It will be advanced and elite Energy Boss training for those ready for it. 

Ready to Nail It? Get on the Waiting List.

We will soon be releasing our advanced Nail It programming and 2020 class start dates. Nail It will be offered twice a year and class sizes will be smaller due to the nature of the advanced programming. The wait list is growing fast so we expect Nail It classes to sell out quickly. If you’re ready to Nail It, don’t miss out. Get on the list.


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