Greg Porto

Greg Porto

Energy Boss, Partner
WIN Regardless Business Performance Program

Greg Porto - Partner, WIN Regardless Business Performance Program

Greg works with Energy Boss business clients so they win regardless of uncertain and difficult economic or industry conditions, which is especially important in 2020’s new normal.

Utilizing the WIN REGARDLESS business performance program which Greg developed, clients and their executive teams gain the edge in growing sales and profits and dominating their market in challenging environments, all while being able to stay focused, high energy and enjoy life.

Over a 30 year career in investment banking, investing, executive management and entrepreneurship, Greg has closed over a hundred deals worth over $8 billion.

He has helped clients build and implement highly effective business systems. Greg has seen that many of the best companies, however, have difficulty executing under the extreme pressure of severe economic downturns or in situations with rapidly changing or conflicting information.

He believes there is a way to train executives and managers to perform at a consistently high level, regardless of the pressure.

The answer is the WIN REGARDLESS program. Greg took the best business practices and systems from his 30 years of business and added science based solutions for decision making and executive performance developed at Energy Boss.

And because the program was developed by executives, WIN REGARDLESS is practical, easy to learn and gets fast results.

Schedule a call with Greg to see how you can WIN REGARDLESS.

Greg Porto is a graduate of the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia and Duke University, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, a former tennis instructor, marathon runner and a martial artist. As an investment banker, executive, and private investor, Greg has spent the last thirty years helping executives and entrepreneurs succeed. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn


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