How long will it take to start seeing results.

Typically our executive clients feel better, experience increased energy, notice positive health changes, and lose weight within the first two weeks. Results are ongoing and may of our clients reach key health goals in 90 days.

I travel and dine out every day and week. How will the program work with my lifestyle?

myMetabolix is designed for executives. We understand the demanding executuve lifestyle and know our clients frequent airports, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, Our clients do not stop living their busy lives. Instead, we give them customized guidance on hoe to achieve personal health goals while on the road. And a dedicated health coach will provide ongoing feedback, strategies and accountability via our HIPAA compliant mobile app. Nothing will stand in the way of achieving results.

What about coffee? Do I need to give it up?

No. Most of our executive clients enjoy coffee. We will provide suggestions on how to best drink coffee for general health, but it is not necessary to give it up.

I enjoy wine and cocktails. Do I need to stop drinking alcohol?

No. We understand that after a long day or while entertaining, executives enjoy having alcoholic beverages. Many of our executive clients collect wine and spirits. Depending on personal health goals, we provide the appropriate strategies for imbibing in favorite selections.

I know exercise is important. What kind of exercise is required?

Moving the body is one of the key drivers of health. We want our executive clients moving. But following an exercise regime that does not fit one’s body or daily schedule makes no sense. Each client is assigned a dedicated health coach who will provide customized guidance on how to build a practical and sustainable exercise routine into a demanding lifestyle to achieve results.

What will I eat?

myMetabolix is an incredibly simple and clean eating program. We provide a customized roadmap to enjoy many favorite foods while improving health. We believe in fresh foods prepared simply. We recommend eating organic and local. Our executive clients easily adhere to the program at home and while dining at hotels, restaurants and resorts.

Do I need to live in a certain city to join the program?

No. Our executive clients reside anywhere in the United States and travel worldwide. Using technologies such as Zoom and our HIPAA compliant mobile app, myMetabolix is a completely borderless and virtual program. All we require are an internet connection, mobile device and open mindset.

How do I get started?

We take our partnerships with our executive clients very seriously. We know time is limited and we want results. To get started, we ask that you schedule a 15 minute introductory phone call to ensure a fit.