Bryan Sauder


Bryan Sauder

Energy Boss – Director
Exercise & Performance Coaching

Bryan Sauder - Director, Exercise & Performance Coaching

Bryan works with Energy Boss clients to optimize their physical performance: flexibility, strength, endurance, speed, specific athletic performance and the mental game.

He has spent nearly two decades successfully training ambitious, high achievers from executives and business owners, to college and professional athletes, to individuals preparing for military special forces service.

From the beginning of his career, Bryan has taken a holistic approach to performance training, unlike many in the industry, integrating nutrition, supplementation, bodywork and physical therapy into his client’s training programs.  Along the way, he has developed a reputation for fast results for all types of clients, including those with knee, hip and shoulder injuries.

Bryan Sauder is a graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Level 2 PICP and Level 1 BioSignature from Poliquin International Certification Program with multiple certifications in strength training and sports nutrition.


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