4 Energy Drivers

4 Energy Drivers

We have identified 4 primary energy drivers that impact how the body performs. Derived from Functional Medicine, these drivers have the power to prevent 80-90% of lifestyle related diseases and influence the expression of inherited genes. Master the 4 energy drivers and your body will be at top performance! Energy Boss programs are designed to optimize these drivers.



MINDSET is what you think every day. Your thoughts drive your energy and focus. We believe in the Positive Psychology approach to habit change and maximum performance. 


FUEL is what you eat and drink. It’s essentially the energy your entire body runs on every day. We rely on Functional Nutrition as part of a Functional Medicine model for optimal performance.


MOVE is how you move your body every day. It’s your flexibility, strength, endurance, stamina and recovery. We design balanced programming around Functional Movement to support your body’s ideal performance.


RESET is how your body recovers and restores itself. We use Mind Body Medicine techniques to bring the body’s nervous system into a natural rest and repair state – making it ready to perform once again.

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Check out our Energy Boss products.

Your Second Step

Check out our Energy Boss products.


“I knew I needed to take better care of myself, manage stress, eat healthier and find a way to exercise. But I have zero time to spare. I run a company, travel regularly and have two teenage sons. So I just kept putting it off thinking I’d never find anything that would practically work for me.”

I only enrolled in Energy Boss after I realized that the program was designed by two executives who understand the daily demands on my time and body.

I got sticker shock when I saw the price of the Energy Boss program, it’s expensive. There are so many cheaper programs out there online. I wondered is it really better to justify the higher price. Would it be worth it?”

What finally convinced me to invest was the personal health coaching that’s central to the Energy Boss program. I’ve experienced the benefits of executive coaching so I was hoping for something similar. The Energy Boss team didn’t let me down.


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